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Posted in Final 40 on June 30, 2010 by stormthecharts

Foxes!, Missing Andy and Olivia Broadfield are in our final 40 but missing from this video through no fault of their own – check them out too! Youtube playlist

iTunes link (all tracks)

Amazon – A to M
Amazon – N to Z

some aren’t on Amazon – this is the iTunes link for just those.


40th of our 40 – Tom Williams and the Boat’s ‘Concentrate’

Posted in Final 40 on June 20, 2010 by stormthecharts

The final song for our 40 – notwithstanding any issues there might be with tracks not showing on iTunes, and having to announce replacements – is Tom Williams and the Boat‘s Concentrate. This was chosen by John Peel’s former producer, Louise Kattenhorn, from our panel’s shortist. Congratulations to the band and thanks once again to every other musician who applied. Here’s the song.

39th for our 40 – Foxes! ‘Who Killed Rob?’

Posted in Final 40 on June 20, 2010 by stormthecharts

The last song through from the public vote. Louise Kattenhorn‘s pick for this week, (the song to complete our 40!) to follow tonight.

38th for our 40 – Imp’s ‘Party’

Posted in Final 40 on June 20, 2010 by stormthecharts

The 19th song for our 40 from the public vote, and 38th overall, is Imp‘s ‘Party’. Check it out… can we get it in the chart?

Two more announcements left this evening which will complete our list of 40 songs to try to storm the charts with…

Voting closes midnight tonight (Saturday)

Posted in Final 40 on June 19, 2010 by stormthecharts

At the time of writing, less than six hours remain before our polls close.

Vote now and have your say on the songs that will make our final 40 – we’ll give you 5 songs from the hundreds who’ve put in, you pick your favourite, and the three that have gained the most votes over the last 10 weeks will make up the last few acts added to our final 40 tomorrow evening.

Final guest panelist and song 36 of our 40

Posted in Final 40, Guest panelists on June 13, 2010 by stormthecharts

Over the weeks, in addition to the selection by public vote (in which there are just 6 more days to have your say – the polls close for good at midnight on Saturday), we’ve been proud to have guest panelists name songs from the top of our own panel’s shortlist.

These have included Tracy Morter, Huw Stephens, Sofia Hagberg, Emily Eavis, Steve Henwood, Gareth Main, Louise Dodgson and Adam Brooks.

So this is the announcement about our last guest panelist.

If we were going to name anyone from history whom we would most like to be able to invite to choose artists for us from those who’ve put in, it would be the late radio presenter, the legendary John Peel. Sadly that is of course not possible for reasons which don’t need stating.

However we are delighted to be able to say that the former producer of John Peel’s Radio One show, Louise Kattenhorn, has agreed to listen to our panel’s shortlist and to name two artists for our final 40.

We are really grateful to her and to all of our guest panelists over the last 8 weeks.

For an idea of how closely involved Louise was with the peerless John Peel show during her time there, have a look at this Liverpool Echo article from 2004.

As with all of our guest panelists, Louise has been listening to the top of our own panel’s shortlist – two of the artists in our final 40 are going to be her choices from those.

The first of these – so the 36th song for our 40 – is Grand Pocket Orchestra‘s ‘Ballet Shoes’…

…and we’ll announce the other next week.

34th and 35th of our 40 – Donna Maciocia and Penny Black

Posted in Final 40 on June 13, 2010 by stormthecharts

Donna Maciocia‘s ‘Fists At the Sky’ and Penny Black‘s ‘Green’ are the two songs that have come through the tie in our polls, and so become the 34th and 35th of our list of 40 to try to storm the charts with in 2 weeks’ time!

*Thank you* to everyone who’s been voting at – please don’t stop, we are now in our final week of voting, and the final songs for our 40 will be announced next Sunday!