Vote early, vote often…

We’re trying to find 40 artists who are on independent labels or otherwise unsigned, and to put as many of them as we can in the top 40 in the same week, Rage-style.

What we need right now is more new people in our Facebook group, and for you to vote in our random polls.

It’s free to vote, you don’t have to be on Facebook, and you only have to listen to 5 random songs and pick your favourite. Please join in as you could have a real influence on our final list – the more you listen and vote, the better it will sound!

See here for the full list of artists who’ve applied – if you’d like to put your own music forward for the next attempt please email us at so we can contact you when things gear up for 2011.

Additions to the final 40 are announced on Sunday nights. For the songs so far and more details of what’s going on, see the links on the right.


One Response to “Vote early, vote often…”

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