Please post a message of support in this thread for your favourite bands in the Storm the Charts project. These don’t count for votes but you could get others looking out for them too and you might even find some fellow Stormer fans you don’t already know.

Depending on which part of the blog you’re looking at, there should be a ‘Leave a comment’ link above or a box below, and you can use it to give your favourite musicians in the project a shout-out.

Say a few words about why you like them, why don’t you? Feel free to post links and videos…

If you want to really look supportive, you can always plug a band or song when you give on our >> JustGiving page <<


49 Responses to “Shout-outs!”

  1. Vote Fusty! Why? Because it would be great to see get into the charts someone who just churns out stuff at home as a hobby. He doesn’t tour, doesn’t do much publicity, doesn’t fit the ‘pop star’ demographic (late 30s, paunch, going bald/grey) but loves music. Actually this reads as a personal ad doesn’t it?
    Oh just vote…please.

    Ta very much.


  2. Black Velveteens are the best candidates for this campaign. Against all that is chart music, these guys could definitely storm the top 40 with the dynamic Stealing Hearts. Don’t be afraid to check out other great tracks, such as Mad Dog & Glory and Parcel Tongue.

  3. Hey all please vote for ICE we are a hard working band in the North West that are all over the age of 40 years of age and we need a break. ( ICE band FB group)

    //ICE Biography//

    Who are the ICE band?
    Well, the ICE band is an original, contemporary 4 piece band based in Lancashire. They are inventive and curious; in turns relaxing or passionate; fiendishly hard to categorise yet perfect for any record collection in the land.
    Featuring Janie on vocals and keyboards, Paul on guitars and vocals, Guy on Bass and Lynn on drums and vocals, they produce a unique and exciting sound which couples fascinating melodies with soaring and honest vocals.
    They’re already building a cult following in the North West and are working on a new album which should be available towards the middle of 2010 and also released their first single ‘ Look into my eyes 24th November 2009 on SW Music
    which you can buy at

    All songs are written by Janie and Paul Britton.
    The songs are taken into band practice to get everybodies opinion and are then if deemed okay arranged and recorded by the band members above.

    //ICE Band Live Reviews and Press//

    ICE band new single review ‘ Look into my eyes’
    “When you hear them, you will get a boost like you never expected.” ( listed as single of the week :0)

    //General Live performance reviews//
    Wellington Hotel Clayton Le Moors review gig 05/02/2010

    Friday night brought the first visit from out new Monthly Resident band The Ice Band.
    They are brilliant, very eighties influenced, but very catchy and good for a dance.
    They went down really well with the regulars and we can’t wait to have them back next month.
    Apollo Artist &Event Management

    NICE ICE 04/09/2009 – The Royal Oak Hotel.
    With The Fleetwood Festival running over the next 3 days, I made a decision a while back to bring something new and different to the venue,. Were they different or what !!!!
    Totally surprised everyone, who were expecting to see and hear a covers band.
    A couple of numbers to get the levels right and the band launched into an impressive first set. One local (with Carling soaked brains asked why no Spice Girls) but for the most part the crowd were attentively listening to every catchy hook. By now the muppet was up, dancing and seemingly having a good time ( though I doubt he will remember much in the morning)
    A well crafted 2nd set got underway including the soon to be released single “Look into my eyes”. The crowd were now totally hooked by the band and maybe word had got out as more folks came in. A faultless evening of original material, played effortlessly by 4 of the nicest people I have ever met.
    Mingling afterward, I had so much good feedback that I felt the risk in putting on an originals band in what is usually a rock venue was more than worthwhile.
    A privilege to have them at The Oak. Give yourselves a massive pat on the back for a gig well done.
    Thanks to Janie,Paul,Lynn and Guy for everything.
    “The only problem with the Ice Band is that their songs are so damned catchy, you find yourself humming them for days later, trying to think
    where it was that you heard it. You wake up in the morning with the Da Da Dats of Dance with the Fire roaming around your head, you go to sleep singing
    Just a Man and you suddenly want to be a Weathergirl.
    I urge you to find where this band are playing and go to see them before they become hot property and it starts to cost you money to get tickets.”

    Issue 2 page 32 – – Hannah Donford-May
    Due to a late line up change I missed most of soft rock three piece ICEs set ( you’re fired ed), but the little I did manage to catch
    seemed to go down pretty well with the people watching. Front womans Janies, voice was definately up to the job although it would
    have been nice to see her emerge from behind her keyboards and really belt something out.

    //’Look into my eyes’ – Launch Party vids//

    Vids by Barbara ( Look into my eyes) ( Dance with the FIre) (Last Dance) ( we might get by)

    //Examples of live performances//

    (Look into my eyes)

    ( Faith and Dance with the Fire) ( Dont wanna go back home) ( Last Dance) ( we might get by)

    fbedded ( nothings ever real)

    //Links to us// ( Stiff Water Music) ( listed as single of the week :0)

  4. Please check out Motion Theory and “All I Need”. These 4 musicians were recently interviewed by the Manchester Evening News, who said “The band’s self-funded debut album Featherhead, released late last year, announced their arrival as Manchester’s reigning head boys of cerebral heavy rock – combining the dense, almost industrial textures of Nine Inch Nails, with the expansive, anthemic rock dynamics of Muse and Radiohead.”

    See what you think, and if you like it, please give them a vote. Thanks!

  5. cyndicut radio live fresh reggae vibes now and each wednesday night 8 till 10 supporting all stormers, me and youtman d tune in and bigup your people and family on the free pager system

  6. Look them up on youtube, on myspace, facebook and their own website. I saw Revere live at Glastonbury in 2008 and they were phenomenal. Their musicianship is superb and they could be the beginning – probably already are – of some new offshoot of alternative epic music. Get them into the charts and they will always remind you of a good vote, well made. My particular favourite of theirs is a song called “Tadoma” which you have to listen to right through to appreciate fully. Have fun and enjoy!

  7. Check out MENTAL HEALTH’s fantastic bombastic video here:

    Hopefully it speaks for itself!

  8. Big Boot Dance – pop music
    The lyrics epitomize what “Storm the charts” is all about.
    give it a listen.

  9. Stephen Darrell shepherd Says:

    Vote Cellarscape…because? its the sole project of one guy Paul Terry, he writes & plays all his own music and is a a well known figure in the “LOST” t.v phenomenon world , as well as a successful magazine editor to boot…oh, and also an internet star!! Via The lost initiative. His music is experimental, new,dynamic and a wide range of influences go into creating Cellarscapes sound.
    Give it a listen, Vote if you like it!! Big shouts out to Cellarscape!

  10. damon johnson Says:

    Members:Cellarscape is:
    Paul Terry – vocals, guitars, drums, samples, random stuffGenre:Alternative rockHometown:London, EnglandRecord label:SkyBabyRecords

  11. Yo, vote Leika cos we are awesome live, our music is highly original and catchy, and our material easily stands up to any of the mainstream pap that this competition is trying to challenge. We are really thrilled to be part of this and we hope it gives our music the chance we strongly feel it deserves.

    The song we have entered is ‘Love, Love, Love’ – this is an upbeat, sunny and highly contagious indie-pop bash that can seriously do well in the charts cos it’s commercial in a new and good way. Please have a listen.

    Websites are:

    take care

    Rom @ Leika

  12. michael emerson Says:

    Cellarscape! “You got the girl”

  13. Hi everyone,
    Just a quick shout out to support our song ‘Control’, if you like what you hear you can get a free download of a very special cover here:

    Anna x

    PS: Don’t forget to check out the pool table in the video…… 😉

  14. Hi guys

    Been enjoying The Kickliner, Tinker Jack, The Portland Authority, Duke Raoul and Foxes! amongst others.

    Would like to mention the bands we look after that are involved:

    Runaround Kids – http://www,
    The Spills –
    St. Gregory Orange –
    Imp –
    The Compression –
    Jeremiah –
    The Bambinos –

    Thanks, your support is much appreciated.

    We can also be found at


  15. Long Tall Shorty – where do you start? In 1978 I suppose – formed by Tony Perfect as a leading light in the Mod Revival movement releasing the iconic singles “By Your Love/1970’s Boy” and “Win or Lose” amongst others.

    The power, energy and excitement was always present in their live sound gaining them a dedicated live following with residencies at the 100 Club and Marquee the highlight of many of a teenage dream, sadly for a generation they split up in 1982.

    Reforming in 2000 they have released several albums including “Completely Perfect”, “A Bird In The Hand” and the much heralded Rhythm and Blues album “Women & Trouble”.

    The line has always been a fluid feature of Long Tall Shorty and now features a stripped down three piece, Tony Perfect – Vocals/Guitar, John Woodward – Bass and Jim Piddington on Drums. Along with the stripped down line-up Shorty have pioneered a new style of music “Giffer Punk” and have taken this away from the traditional haunts of Soho and Central London to the far flung reaches of Europe to spread the Giffer sound.

    Tony Perfect recently said “There’s nothing wrong with what we were doing but we realised there’s a load of kids out there crying out for something Giffer, so we’re givin’ it to them.”

    The Sounds of Giffer City” came out on 8th October 2009 on Time For Action Records. Since then Shorty have been tirelessly playing gigs to promote the LP taking in the UK and Europe.
    Recording of the follow up LP titled “Kick Out The Shams” will b e released in June… stayed tuned on that one.
    A busy summer ahead then with shows with SHAM 69 (for the record, these are not the shams that need kicking out, its another bunch of shams), Secret Affair, Pauline Black, King Kurt, King Hammond, Lambrettas to name a few.

  16. Have a listen to the sticky backed upside down video by Keston Cobblers Club …….. “You-Go” here :-

  17. VOTE FOR: Wierd Sleeping Kittens – Sheer Class!

  18. Please have a listen to the little bit of heaven in your ears that is The Autumnkind and then give them your vote because their music is great, their hair is terrible and they will love you very much for supporting them!

  19. Please have a listen to D*Silva “Hope” – We are a husband and wife team who’ve written an album in memory of our son to raise a heap of money for some great charities. Storm the Charts could be the difference between success and failure for our project in terms of raising serious money. Please have a listen and give us a vote!! Thanks!

  20. Jennifer Says:

    Check out Faded Cadence. The violin, piano, and guitar in there music added with the amazing vocals creates songs you will love and won’t get tired of hearing. Im so glad I happen to come across there music because there songs are my favorites now.

  21. The origins of Seize date back to 1997 when Sandrine Gouriou and Steven Young collaborated to form the project ‘Seize The Day’, with the duo going on to produce their debut E.P ‘Blades’. A year later they changed the name to simply ‘Seize’. Following their debut gig in London in 2000, the pair went on to perform across the country..

    The duo’s second single, ‘Victim’, was released on 12” white label, featuring a club orientated remix that was successful in Ibiza. 2001 saw Seize release their first album ‘Lunacy’. The album won outstanding reviews across the world music press, drawing comparisons to the likes of ‘Massive Attack’ and ‘Portishead’.

    In order to expand the scope of their live performances, Seize recruited bass guitarist Rosie Harris in 2002, and by now the group were heading towards a more breakbeat and trance direction. With the help of producer Mark O’Grady, the band created remixes, such as the Seize version of The Nursery’s ‘Caprice’.

    Seize toured in 2003 across the UK and Europe to promote their forthcoming album ‘The Other Side of Your Mind’. Amongst others, Radio One and Future Music picked up on the new album and both made Seize a ‘featured artist’.

    The band were licensed to Belgian electronic label ‘Alfa Matrix’ in 2003 and ‘The Other Side of Your Mind’ was released in November of that year, reaching number 8 in the German Alternative Charts. After the album release, Seize toured, with shows including the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig. 2004 also paved the way for Sandrine, Steven and Rosie to spend most of 2005 touring with Steve Strange as a backing band for Visage, playing to crowds of 10,000 people. The following year saw the return of Seize on the tour circuit, this time with the addition of drummer Sean Suleman. Highlights included supporting Apoptygma Berzerk on their UK tour, playing the Swedish Alternative Music Awards and being asked to support Front 242 at one of their two sell out 25th anniversary shows in Brussels.

    Despite losing Sean to Mesh, and recruiting Michel Radarmecker (Drums)and Paul Jeffrey (Guitar / Vocals / Keys / Ebow), the album ‘Constant Fight’ was completed toward the end of 2008, and released in Europe in June 2009: it had a very limited release in the UK. WIthout question, it is the strongest material to date, and shows the potential the band have for catchy hook and a killer beat. The general feel of the album is more toward edgy electronic pop, with the lead single ‘Who’s Your Teacher’ a particularly massive departure from the breakbeat / drum and bass roots that Seize are known for. Coming on like a throbbing new wave funk monster – think Chic brawling with Kraftwerk and Blondie – the accompanying video features iSandi laying down the law, dressed as a school teacher (calm down boys!!).

  22. Check out [SEIZE]

    They are a UK break-beat/electro band fronted by the talented and beautiful Sandrine aka iSandi with the help of Steve, Rosie, Michael, and Paul. They play a blend of straight up dance/pop but with breaks, trance, and electro thrown in for good measure. Their 2003 album “The Other Side of Your Mind” out on Alfa-Matric is a perfect place to start. Their latest album, “Constant Fight” has taken that perfect formula and refined it further. Crisp vocals, tight production skills, and pop structure ensure a great listening pleasure throughout. Also check out their side-project O.V.N.I. and their debut album “Objet Volant Non Identifie” a monster of a release with more Drum & Bass and Steve taking over vocal productions. Both groups are really worth checking out!!!

  23. Special Agent Dale Cooper Says:

    This is a very laudable venture and a good way of sampling new bands. The voting is all a bit confusing though. I was originally invited by one band who were in the 5 so you could vote for them. Then I was pointed here by another band but they are not in the 5 you currently vote for. Maybe I’m missing the point but is the thinking quite joined up?

    Anyhow might I recommend 3 wonderful unsigned bands over here :

    Revere –

    Gabby Young & Other Animals –

    Morton Valence –

    and one from the States…

    April Smith & The Great Picture Show –

    All of whom would greatly illuminate your life. Now all I need is a hot cup of Joe, a quick peek at and Episode 14, Season Two to rock back inside your heart.

    • Hi Dale – unfortunately we had to change the voting system, and I recognise that it has caused a bit of confusion. Please have a look at the blog on our myspace here for details of why and how – this was posted other places at the time as well. Incidentally there are not just 5 artists in a poll, any time you go back to the page it’ll give you 5 different ones!

      Thanks very much for the post as well. One of the artists you mention has already made our final 40 as of this week! –

      • Special Agent Dale Cooper Says:

        Thanks for your reply. Have applied some Tibetan logic, Diane, and all is now as clear as the sky over the Great Northern. The random 5 artistes idea actually works really well. I had to listen to 3 fairly dull offerings but then no 4 was wonderful and got my vote. Will stop by for a regular fix now. Great to see Morton Valence in the 40 also. Good work!

      • Fantastic, that’s what we love to hear! Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll find something you love in every poll… but when it happens it’s smashing. Thanks for going for it Dale and everyone here.

  24. In 2010 one band have a goal to make pop interesting again. Stained Glass Heroes exuberant brand of tunes have ear-jacked fans from Steve Lamacq to Hot Chip.

    Whilst they create meticulous post-punk and dense musical constructions in the style of Devo and Orange Juice, the band themselves (Peter, Al, David and Tag), are disordered, whimsical men, most of whose words would not fit here since they were largely about sardines and Chinese whistles. They invest nothing but eccentric energy in the release and performance. Their debut single was sent out guerilla-style to 100 people on anonymous cassettes. Their second single was a series of 500 7” singles each designed by a different artist. The resulting logistical nightmare meant that the release took close to a year. Perhaps the piece de resistance was when they donned beige delivery suits and as a fake delivery company delivered massive cardboard boxes with tiny CDs inside suspended on fishing wire. The stunt was further enhanced by the fact that on delivering the weightless boxes to label heads, they insisted on their signatures.

    Their music however is treated with full seriousness. Melding influences from the likes of Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, Neu! and Bowie with their own sensibilities, the album itself is a minimalist pop affair, plundered by shuffling beats and body-hugging chunky riffs. Their album was recorded in a stable kidnapped and refitted by the band. Ignoring the gurning indie kids in the corner, they produce tracks for music lovers on the smarter side of pop. Album track ‘Circumstance’ is a stuttering track with a lulling vocal. ‘Insects’ is a radio dream of pin sharp guitars with a shattering riff. ‘Blue Dress’s soft interlaced vocals create a deliciously simple love song, and the lack of vocals on ‘Turkish Wedding’ just helps to enunciate its clackering rhythm.

    The band has developed quite a live reputation with their free, unfettered approach to audiences. They’ve hit the stage with John and Jehn, Hot Chip, The Rakes, and two of their all-time heroes, cult art punk legends Vic Goddard and Spizz. They persuaded Spizz to join them onstage at The 100 Club for a rendition of Athletico Spizz 80’s ‘Person Impersonator’ only to later find out, rather embarrassingly, that it was the only track on the album ‘Do a Runner’ he did not write or sing.

    The band’s label Fred Ltd is sister to the Shoreditch gallery that shares its namesake, and home to 14 diverse artists from Gallon Drunk to FAUST (who recorded their first studio album in a decade with the label). Stained Glass Heroes are a unique yet fitting addition to the stable.

    Give their tracks a listen on

    Debut single ‘Insects’, the track they’ve entered for Storm The Charts can be found on there, as well as a 5 * review from Artrocker magazine

  25. Jane Morten Says:


    Their track Stars is ammmazzzzing and they are such a hard working band; they really deserve this!!

    check them out here:

    and their new music video here:

  26. Shout Out for Ardentjohn

  27. Paul Barnard Says:

    HEAVY LOAD!!!!!

    we need more mad anarchic punk in the charts and they are great live, the laed singer has just got “IT”!

  28. Sarah Lassuno Says:

    THE BENWAHS are the biggest panda punk band in the world. Female fronted mercurial paced punk band that’ll make you wanna fight or f**k! Go vote!

  29. Claire Henson Says:

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to do a big shout out for my friend April Elizanbeth. She is a singer/songwriter and I think she is pretty amazing. So when you see her in a poll, please vote for her!


  30. Please vote for JonPaul Palombo he’s an amazing singer songwriter with a unique sound, check him out on his myspace page

  31. From the hotbed of rock ‘n’ roll that is London Colney, Jenium, consisting of Eddie, Sam, Jack, and Colin, are an up and coming four-piece band with one ambition:
    To write great songs.
    Inspired to pick up a guitar (or drumsticks) by bands like Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party, Jenium draw from a range of diverse influences, from the classic riffs of Led Zeppelin,
    to the power and aggression of Thrice; from the melody of The Beatles, to the abstract groove of Foals. Hey, they even throw in the odd ska rhythm now and again.
    But Jenium are more than just the sum of their parts. And more than just haircuts. They have standards. Morals. Originality. Substance.
    And most importantly: a monkey butler called Steve.
    So what do you get for investing time in Jenium? Speedy and intuitive drumming? Funky, driving basslines? Nifty face-melting guitar solos? Soulful and passionate singing? Intelligent lyrics? Diverse styles? An erection?
    Possibly all of the above.
    But what you get most of all is an experience. But not just any old experience.
    This is The Jenium Experience.

    Please vote for our song ‘Vampires’ on Storm the Charts


  32. we’re also on facebook just search for crowne

  33. I think Crowne should go through, music is different and fresh but has chart potential in a positive way:-)
    I could hear it all day.

  34. George Michael Says:

    My god, you lot are desperate… Good bands get picked up on the small labels and work there way up. I think people posting there own band ,or getting friends they know to post there bands on internet things like this is abit sad? Go out and play live and build it up…yes it might take a few years but it’s better than pretending you will be famous within two months of being together..honestly

    • Oh, don’t be silly Michael, this is supposed to be a fun project, there’s nothing wrong with wanting people to hear your music, regardless of whether you’re on a label or how long you’ve been making it. Even less with wanting to share other people’s music. Virtually all the people linked here are ‘going out and playing live and building it up’, and I don’t think anyone’s pretending they’re ‘going to be’ anything.

  35. Nice, but your already famous George, but i am not sure what your famous for now though haha. By the way thats why its called a shout out wall to shout about your band. If you don’t like don’t look it at it simple 🙂
    Maybe your should re join Wham

  36. john lloyd Says:

    The grave architects….nice video. I shall download this.

  37. john lloyd Says:

    Nice song… I forgot to mention!

  38. Substatic are AMAZING!!! Listen to their awesome track ‘Wild Horses’ so, so good!

  39. im guna give a shoutout to coaches to camden,
    i saw them at roadmender not long back and i thought
    if any band should make they should,
    theyve got so many sweet tunes,

    peace and love


    • jessica Says:

      defo kurt

      their song as it is in heaven makes my spine
      go cold 😀
      they played with buick mckane age ago at labour club in northampton
      and it was sick like

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